Our offering

New challenges require innovative solutions, and TIG is considered a unique model in response to various changes happening in the insurance space, specifically the intermediated market.

These include the impact of the protracted global financial crisis, the resultant changes in legislation and regulations impacting the financial services sector, and a shared view that the ‘business as usual’ approach needs to be reconsidered.

We have sensed that things around us are changing, and need to be managed differently. As such, each business in the TIG group is managed independently within the group structure. This allows the individual businesses to retain their identity and individuality while enjoying the support and benefits of a broader collaboration.

The core competencies and focus areas of TIG are:


Growing our existing insurance intermediary businesses by capitalising on the strengths of individuals and their respective businesses and relationships.

Growth Opportunities

Actively managing organic growth and seeking out acquisition growth opportunities for the individual businesses.


Creating succession plan frameworks for the respective businesses in order to ensure and maintain long-term sustainability.

Centralised Functions

Co-ordinating core centralised functions for the group, including IT infrastructure, financial management and control, HR practices, marketing and related insurance administration infrastructure.